A gem in the Caribbean.

Discovering Puerto Rico 

Puerto Rico, a commonwealth of the United States, is located in the Caribbean. This popular tourist destination offers its visitors the opportunity to enjoy:

  • Beautiful beaches and amazing landscapes
  • Delicious gastronomy
  • More than 500 years of rich culture
  • All-year-round warm weather
  • One of the largest shopping malls in the Caribbean
  • The festive nature Puerto Ricans are known for

Spanish and English are the official languages and most Puerto Ricans speak English. The United States dollar is the official currency.

Traveling to Puerto Rico is easy. There are over 588 non-stop flights to main cities in the United States, 30 flights to the Caribbean, and 28 flights to Central and South America every week. U.S. citizens don't need a passport to enter the Island. If you'll be visiting us from another country, we will be glad to help in coordinating your application for a visa.

Puerto Rico offers limitless accommodation options, no matter your budget. Our staff will guide you in choosing what hotel is right for you and your companion(s).


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