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Auxilio Transplant Center 

The Transplant Center at the Auxilio Mutuo Hospital is the only facility in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean, approved by the "United Network for Organ Sharing" (UNOS) for the following programs:

  • Kidney Transplant Program
  • Kidney-Pancreas Transplant Program
  • Liver Transplant Program

The Center brings over 100 trained health professionals dedicated to the clinical management of patients with highly complex health conditions. The Medical Faculty is composed of renowned surgeons, certified by UNOS, with a vast experience in the specialized field. The Transplant Center staff is committed to give their patients the opportunity of having a good quality of life.


Auxilio Transplant Center provides diagnostic and therapeutic services to patients with permanent kidney disease, Type 1 Diabetes, transplant services, pancreatic problems and liver recovery. Once the patient is admitted to one of the programs, the Transplant Center makes a lifetime commitment. Our patients benefit on having access to all the necessary auxiliary services. Above all, they will receive support from an excellent multidisciplinary team caring for the specific needs of each patient.

We provide the following services:

  • Evaluation of patients with kidney, pancreatic and liver conditions.
  • Pre-transplant and post-transplant diagnostic and therapeutic services such as nutrition, social work, pharmacy and others.
  • Medical and surgical services of a wide range of specialties, such as nephrologists, cardiologist, surgeons.
  • Organ donor evaluation.
  • Coordination with Life Link of Puerto Rico for organ recovery.
  • Histocompatibility and Immunogenic Lab Services to ensure compatibility between the donated organ and the recipient, through specialized technologist in this field.
  • Surgical transplant services and other surgeries related to diagnoses of kidney, pancreatic and liver diseases.
  • Training of transplant surgeons and other healthcare professionals.


  • Transplant and donor surgeries.
  • Nephrectomy of the donor through laparoscopy or open surgery.
  • General and vascular surgery for the general community.

Transplant Unit

The nursing staff dealing with post-transplanted patients in the Transplant Unit is highly qualified, specialized and dedicated to patient care after the transplant surgery and any other clinical event of the transplanted patient, or the patient to be transplanted requiring hospitalization.

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