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Planning Your Medical Visit 

It can sometimes be overwhelming when planning your trip abroad, here are some tips that can help you to get ready:

  • Visit your General Practitioner before making a decision to fly abroad for any medical procedures.
  • It is important to find a specialist who is right for you, and offers you the best form of treatment and value for money. Here at Auxilio Mutuo Hospital and the Auxilio Global Health we can offer you a simple service to help get your started:
    • Select the type of procedure(s) you are interested in
    • Physicians
  • You may need to book in advance-not only to secure your place-but also ensure that you can budget and have the time to save for the whole trip. Make sure you are insured-for both your travel and medical costs.
  • It is important to prepare a budget. The treatment will probably be the main cost in your budget and you may include any extras such as: airlines tickets, visas, ground transportation, accommodations, meals, and tours, among others.
  • Your length of stay can vary depending on your procedure. You may need to take some time off from work and you should take into consideration to include extra days for recovery time. Your Physician can advise you in this matter.
  • We recommend you make an appointment with your Physician back home to inform them of your procedure and any issues they need to be aware of. For example, to continue prescribing medication or to seek for physical therapy.
  • Keep all the necessary paper work to inform your physician of any medical needs.

Key Questions to Ask your Potential Doctor/Surgeon

It is always important to be sure of what to expect when considering surgery or any medical procedure abroad. We recommend you ask your physician:

  • How much will my surgery will cost and what it is included in the cost?
  • If the health insurance is included, what does my insurance will cover?
  • What type of procedure you think is most suitable for you? Why?
  • How many other surgeries have you performed for this procedure?
  • How long do I have to stay post-surgery before travelling home?
  • Do I need to take time off work to recover after returning home?
  • Is there is anything I need to do to aid my recovery?
  • What do I do if any complications arise at home? Am I covered by my health insurance?
  • Will you provide me with all the necessary medical documents/prescriptions that I will need to present to my doctor on my return?

These questions are designed as a general guide only; do not hesitate to contact your provider to ask anything that you are concerned with.

We recommend:

  • Plan Ahead: To ensure your treatment is available at a time to suit you, make sure you plan your trip well in advance.
  • Research: It is essential you have done all you research before leaving for treatment overseas. This includes: planning your travel options, ensuring you hotel's reservation, physician's credentials and compare quality and cost of services.
  • Confirm all your appointments, costs in writing: You need to ensure you have a hard copy of all your documentation from the hospital or physician before travelling. This includes: sign any contracts, cost estimates, appointments, recommendations, travel documentation, and hotel reservation. It is acceptable to use email as a way of keeping hold of records, but it is worth to print these documents before you leave and will travel with a hard copy.
  • Learn about your destination: It is important that you have a decent understanding of where you are going.
  • Inform your local Physician: You must inform your local Physician before travelling abroad for any procedures. It is important to keep them "in the loop".
  • Set aside money for your trip: You should always take a bit of local currency with you.
  • It is recommended to travel with a companion: The companion will need to be equally prepared for travelling abroad as you are.
  • Passport and visas: Make sure your passport is up-to-date following the guidelines of the specific country you are travelling to and contact your local Embassy.

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