Auxilio Cancer Center

Auxilio Cancer Center is a unique concept in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean, where it holds a prominent position
in the hemisphere.

The Auxilio Cancer Center incorporates a multidisciplinary team of health professionals. They are entrusted with
analyzing and investigating each case to achieve a complete diagnosis and an accurate treatment plan.

Currently, Auxilio Cancer Center is the only one of its kind, outside of the continental United States, to be certified by
Quality Oncology Practice Initiative, affiliated to the American Society of Clinical Oncology.

The Auxilio Cancer Center offers multidisciplinary oncological services in:

Auxilio Cancer Center is always looking for new and improved ways to offer health services. Our patients are the first to
benefit from new ideas, techniques, medication, medical devices, and services developed through scientific research
activities aimed at supporting the fight against cancer and developing new prevention and treatment therapies.

Our Auxilio Cancer Center is led by world-renowned Dr. Fernando Cabanillas, former Chairman of the Lymphoma/
Myeloma Department at MD Anderson.

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