Auxilio Sleep Disorder Center

We can help you get sleep in order to improve your health. Any factor that can alter sleep or interrupt deep sleep can
lead to serious physical and mental disorders. At the Center for Sleep Disorders, we offer a proper diagnosis and
treatment for these disorders.

Our comfortable suites, conveniently equipped with private bathrooms and handicap access, will make your overnight
stay a pleasant experience. We also provide accommodations for accompanying members of pediatric patients and
patients with physical or mental limitations.

The Sleep Disorder Center has been designed for night
and day studies, which include:

During a sleep study (polysomnogram), you will be required to spend the night at the sleep lab to measure brain waves,
heart rhythm, oxygenation, breathing, snoring, limb movements, and muscular tonicity, among other physiological
parameters. These tests help us identify different sleep disorders, assist your doctor with the diagnosis and help
improve your quality of life.

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