Auxilio Orthopedics

The Orthopedics Unit at Auxilio Mutuo is on the cutting edge of joint implants. A committed team of renowned specialists
and health professionals will take care of you throughout the diagnosis, surgery and recovery process.

We have the highest volume of joint implants in Puerto Rico.

Specialists, board-certified surgeons, perform an average of 30 knee, hip and shoulder replacements each week with
favorable post-op results. Also, our support staff, which includes nurses specialized in orthopedics, anesthesiologists
and physical therapists, bring together their knowledge and experience for the benefit of our patients.

You will also find outstanding specialized orthopedists in pediatrics, the spine, and sports medicine.

Our services include:

Recently, Auxilio Mutuo became the first hospital in Puerto Rico to introduce the ROSA™ Knee System robotic technology.
This technology allows surgeons to personalize surgical procedures for patients in need of a knee replacement. By
assisting in bone resections and helping surgeons assess the state of the soft tissues, it can properly position the
implant with greater precision during surgeries. Under the leadership of orthopedic surgeon Ricardo J. Reina, specialists
from Puerto Rico and Latin America are being trained with this new technology at the Auxilio Mutuo Hospital.

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