Auxilio Transplant Center

Auxilio Transplant Center

The Transplant Center at Auxilio Mutuo Hospital is the only approved facility by the "United Network for Organ Sharing"
(UNOS) in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean, for the following programs:

The Center brings over 100 trained health professionals dedicated to the clinical management of patients with highly
complex health conditions. The Medical Staff is composed of renowned surgeons, certified by UNOS, with vast
experience in each of their specialized fields. The Transplant Center staff is committed to providing their patients with
the best quality of life possible.


Auxilio Transplant Center provides diagnostic and therapeutic services to adult and pediatric patients with permanent
kidney failure, Type 1 Diabetes, transplant services, pancreatic problems, in addition to recovery and liver transplant
services. Patients receive support from an excellent multidisciplinary team caring for the specific needs of each patient,
including the necessary ancillary services in one place.


Transplant Unit (inpatient)

The nursing staff and healthcare professionals providing care to post-transplanted (or transplant) patients at the
Transplant Unit are highly qualified, specialized, and dedicated to patient care after the transplant surgery. They also
provide care to pre or post-transplant patients that face any other clinical event that might require hospitalization.

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